Marieke and Duart's Art

This is The King's cousin's sculptures at Seapoint promenade. It's called "Walking the Road" and forms part of her Masters Degree. Prince 3 took the beautiful photographs with the borrowed camera.

V&A Waterfront

Exploring the Victoria and Albert Waterfront

The Cape Town Eye

All but one of these pics were taken by Prince 3 using his uncle's Fuji S5 Pro

The Nobel Peace Prize Winners and the Princes
- the only photo not taken by Prince 3 (on the right)

The Adrenalin Junkie

Prince 2 could simply not resist the adventure and challenge...

Had he lived in a different time, in a different place, he might have run away and joined the circus :-)

We've decided that he can't possibly be our child... we don't display these tendencies in any way or form.

Though I'm pretty sure I was present at his birth ;-)

We could only wish that we had half his athletic ability and skill...

Possilbly some alien mutation of sorts?

Keen interest is taken and some instructions and suggestions are given from below...

After that drunken adrenalin rush the hands are rather sore...

All pics taken courtesy of Prince 3 and his uncle's amazing camera!

Two Oceans Aquarium

We were kindly sponsored for this outing to the Two Oceans Aquarium. My little camera really battled to take decent pics due to the lighting of the exhibits, but here are our best efforts.

The Little Cousins in the middle of the "Nemo Display"

Loved this new Save-A-Frog display, so well done!

"River life" received a great deal of attention as the information was compared with and applied to our rivers and dams at home

The kelp forest, my all time favourite

And finally, Prince 3 weaving his creative magic using his womb mate as model and puppet. He was instructed to stand there like this until a fish swam overhead ;-)

Spier Estate

Our chauffeur is a  master driver of automatic cars (he's had a bit of practice with his Hornet Rambler) and confidently transports some of us to our destination: Spier Wine Estate. We need to use two cars as we are eight in total. Dory is rebelling, she doesn't feel well after her long trip (her guilty "green conscience" might also be a contributing factor). We are therefore very grateful for the use of The King's sister's comfortable automatic.

A wonderful educational Eagle Encounter with Nelson. He is actually a girl, but originally was so skinny and small that they assumed that she was a male. She could not be released back into the wild as old fractures inflicted while in captivity makes her vulnerable (her legs could break again when she hits a cliff at 120km/h). She was confiscated from her original owner & joined the Centre at the age of 6.

Most of the birds are tethered to a perch with a really low barrier around them (no mesh cages) to keep visitors at a safe distance. You could obviously climb right over if you were adamant. All birds kept are hand raised, the Centre's main objective is to rehabilitate and release.

Two Barn Owls. They sleep for a few minutes at a time only and also don't need 8 hours sleep a day.


A wonderful interactive experience at a very affordable price - highly recommended!